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Chief Executive Officer

Khalif Isaac Yisrael is the CEO of BlackStone Security Group, LLC who is responsible for all operations pertaining to the Group to include the assignment and management of security guards in Mecklenburg County. Khalif believes sound judgement, effective communication, and the ability of swift action are the foundational skills required to be a proficient security guard.

Khalif was born and raised in New York, NY. Growing up in Harlem, Khalif experienced the hardships of gang violence which drove him into the protection profession. This pivotal moment motivated him to learn more so he the New York County District Attorney’s officer as an intern learning the fundamentals of criminal law. A stand out talent in Lacrosse at Frederick Douglass Academy, Khalif utilized his athletics and intelligence to receive a scholarship to Trinity-Pawling Preparatory school before being accepted into the United State Naval Academy.

At the United States Naval Academy, Khalif continued to play lacrosse, studied Economics and Arabic, and became a member of the investment and the Naval Academy Entertainment clubs. Khalif graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and commissioned as a 2d Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.

Khalif spent 6 and half years in The United States Marine Corps as an Infantry officer, conducting security missions in Spain and Afghanistan. During his time in the Marine Corps, Khalif held billets such as Infantry Platoon Commander, Weapons Platoon Commander, Company Executive Officer, Foreign Security Force Infantry Advisor/Team Leader & Training and Readiness Officer/Operational Planner. Khalif held certifications such as Marine Corps Martial Arts Black-belt instructor, Helicopter Rope Suspension Training Master, Marine Corps Combat Life Saver certified in Tactical Combat Casualty Care and received expert designation in Pistol and Rifle qualification. Upon leaving the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge, Khalif received a Combat Army Achievement Medal and a Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

When leaving, Khalif wanted to utilize his extensive security skills in the civilian sector to help protect people, property and material assets. In 2021, Khalif relocated to Charlotte, NC to open the doors to BlackStone Security Group, LLC to provide highly qualified unarmed security guards in Mecklenburg County.

Khalif is also an assistant Vice-President at Bank of America working in Global Operations, a loving husband, a proud dog dad, host of the Network Knights Podcast and serves as a Lacrosse Official for middle and high school games.

Khalif Isaac Yisrael: Meet the Team
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